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  • CatSide and our Mission

    We give cat lovers the tools and knowledge to make their cats' lives amazing!

    Who are we?


    CatSide.ca is brought to you by Richmond Veterinary Clinic in Napanee, Ontario.


    We want to share the journey with you as we improve our cat knowledge and services.


    How can we help cats and cat owners? That's what we can learn together!

    Our little friends

    We had a clinic cat named Mojo, the handsome grey fellow above. He came to us when his owners were frustrated with some behaviour issues.


    We often host kittens and cats looking for homes who stay a while and make our lives a little brighter.


    Wednesday here was named after Wednesday Adams when she came to us on Wednesday, October 31, 2018. She loves a lap, hates to be told anything and is developing a tolerance for dogs.

    Giving back

    In our community, we have spayed and neutered more than 600 cats for local shelters and charities.


    These are not 'charity cases' to us. We choose to use the same protocols, attention to detail and staff commitment to safety that every pet cat receives.

    Paying it forward

    Since 2008, our in-house benevolent fund, the Farley Foundation and Pet Trust at the Ontario Veterinary College have received over $20,000 in funds from us and our generous clients to help improve the lives and health of cats.


    We also support local sports teams, schools and groups, because active, well-educated people make great cat owners!

  • CatSide Blog

    Stuff about cats and people. Our cats. Our people.

    December 20, 2018
    I'm going to keep on blogging, and move the Catside into our regular clinic information. The clinic website is: www.richmondvetclinic.ca and The blog can be found at: www.beyondtheexamroom.blog   See you there!
    December 2, 2018
    Thought I'd share a preview that shows you what I've been up to lately.
    Sometimes stress and fear are obvious in our feline friends. But sometimes the signs of stress and fear are more subtle, because the cat is hiding. There is a promising new study on a supplement that may help reduce fear and anxiety in cats. The summary I've linked to, from the Winn Feline...
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    Q&A for a Cat-Enriched Lifestyle

    Should I pet my cat every day?

    The human spirit is very fragile and it's strongly recommended to pet your cat daily, especially in cold climates.

    Can I augment my life with shelter visits?

    If you are considering shelter visits, be aware you risk increasing your feline ratio.
    If you wish to foster for a shelter or rescue, talk to us first about precautions to protect all cats from illness.

    I see the glass half empty, does that mean I need to pet more cats?

    Yes. Yes, it does.

  • Our friends and neighbors

    Cat lovers are a community.
    We'll add the groups and businesses featured on our web site and in our blog as time goes on.

    Charity funding research into pet health care.

    Our wee clinic and the wonderful people who care.

    One of the ways cats are being helped by generous people in our community.

    Ontario-based charity helping those with low incomes help their sick or injured pets.

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